Labor's Shameful Political Games on Nepean Hospital

  Labor hides their Shadow Health Spokesman Walt Secord in the NSW Upper House, where he does not have to go face to face with the formidable and highly respected Minister for Health Jillian Skinner. From his protected perch he regularly bullies the Minister and tries to undermine the confidence and morale of our health system and its workers. Last week's stunt on Nepean hospital is a typical example. As an MP actually born at Nepean hospital I took a very personal interest in calling out Labor's shameful political games. Continue reading


I recently gave a speech in the Legislative Council on a Private Members Motion congratulating the sub-continental community on the enormous contributions that they have made to New South Wales through hard work and determination for a better life. In doing so, I also paid tribute in particular to the Indian communities in South-West and Western Sydney and their local members Melanie Gibbons MP and Dr Geoff Lee MP, who are both doing an incredible job engaging, representing and embracing the wonderfully complex diversity of those parts of Sydney.I also highlighted the importance of events like Parramasala and Starry Sari Night which underpin the good faith that we have built with the diverse communities in our State. They also help others of non-subcontinental backgrounds to understand and share in all that the subcontinent has to offer.I look forward to events like Parramasala in 2017 and hope that the future holds even greater diversity and cultural offering from all those who look to make New South Wales their home. Continue reading


NSW is the most popular state in the country to live and work, with fewer people leaving than ever before according to updated population projection data released by the Planning Minister Rob Stokes today. The State’s strong economy and lifestyle options as well as Sydney’s status as the nation’s only global city are driving NSW’s status as the best state in the country. “NSW is the state of opportunity,” Mr Stokes said. “Sydney is the economic capital of the country – and over the next 20 years we’ll cement that position.” The NSW Population Projections 2016 Update, show the NSW population growing from 7,218,528 million in 2011 to 9,925,550 million by 2036 –  another 2.7 million residents. These projections are 225,000 more people than forecast in 2014 projections. Continue reading


  Great to see that Minister for Lands and Water, Niall Blair has announced the appointment of Rodney Gilmour as administrator, to manage the ongoing public use of Wentworth Park Sporting Complex.  Keeping Wentworth Park in public use is a priority for the Baird Liberal Government, especially as our city moves towards higher density.  Mr Gilmour has been appointed as administrator of the Wentworth Park Sporting Complex Trust for up to two years, replacing Jason Masters, whose term as interim administrator of the Trust concluded 26 August 2016.   “Mr Gilmour will be responsible for overseeing the operations of the Wentworth Park site, including ongoing public use for community purposes, in the lead-up to and following the cessation of greyhound racing on 1 July 2017,” Mr Blair said.  Continue reading