• I believe in a transparent, collaborative approach to government.

  • I want to help New South Wales find innovative solutions to tomorrow’s challenges.

  • The New South Wales economy has gone from zero to number one in the country under Mike Baird and his Liberal team

  • I believe in Western Sydney and its potential.

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As Chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Active Transport, I am pleased to see the recent announcement by Minister Rob Stokes of a 91km continuous walking and cycling path between Sydney Opera House and Parramatta Park. Continue reading

Transforming Early Education

Today the NSW Liberal National Government announced one of the most far-reaching and generation-changing visions to get our youngsters better prepared for life's challenges! I'm proud to be part of the Perrottet team that cares about our kids' futures.


  Welcome back to Adjournment Notes.Parliament resumes next week for the Budget Sitting session. The State budget will be delivered on Tuesday 21 June by our new Treasurer, Hon Matt Kean MP. Whilst the economy and community are bouncing back strongly after three years of Covid restrictions, the budget will still have to deal with some tough challenges, including state debt, spiralling construction costs and a labour shortage.For many of us, the Federal election result was disappointing, especially after the huge efforts so many put in to assist our local campaigns as I did in Macquarie. Even more disappointing was to see good community-based Liberals falling to the election outcome. That observed it is a remarkable event to watch and participate in as power changes hands peacefully and efficiently in our country. Something we should never take for granted. We, as always, respect the voice of the people.I hope you enjoy this newsletter.Shayne Continue reading

National Sorry Day

National Sorry Day is a date that carries great significance for the Stolen Generations and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Continue reading