Welcome to Adjournment Notes. 

This past week has been busy with the return of Committee work as well as 'the new normal' Parliamentary sittings resuming. 

There was social distancing throughout Parliament including in the Chamber. The public gallery was used as an extension of the Chamber with rotating Members from all political parties seated there throughout the week. 

Last week, Parliament was debating the Public Sector wage freeze for 12 months which consumed hours of debate in both Chambers. 

Unfortunately, the policy was disallowed in the Upper House and this matter has been taken to the Industrial Relations Commission. 

This followed the Governments offer of a $1000 bonus to frontline workers and a job guarantee for 12 months. 

The NSW Government has had to consider what is in the best interests of the eight million people living across the State. 

Treasurer Dominic Perrottet has stated: "At a time when there are hundreds of thousands of people out of work, the creation of new jobs must be our top priority, not giving those with job security a pay rise... we're in the grip of a once-in-100-year crisis and it is simply not appropriate to pretend this is a year like any other."

Conciliation with the IRC begun last Thursday. 

As always, if I can ever be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Last week I Chaired my first virtual inquiry hearing for the Social Issues Committee inquiry into the State Records Act 1998 and Policy Paper on its Review. 

The State Records Act 1998 is under review and reforms to the legislative framework for the State Archives and Records Authority of NSW and Sydney Living Museums have been proposed.

The Social Issues Committee will consider the adequacy of the Act in meeting citizens' needs, and the role and purpose of these two institutions. The committee will also examine the operation and effect of the proposed reforms in the Policy Paper on the review of the Act.

The inquiry will be holding two further virtual hearings on July 1 and July 30, 2020. 

For further information on the work of the Committee please click here. 

Gymnasiums, yoga, indoor pools and dance studios can reopen within a fortnight and kids’ sport can resume across NSW from 1 July, as more COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

From 13 June, the following will be allowed:
  •  Fitness, gymnasiums, pilates, yoga and dance studios can reopen with up to 10 people per class and 100 people in an indoor venue;
  •  Community centres, including their recreational facilities can reopen;
  • Some indoor recreational facilities including pools and saunas can also reopen with restricted numbers;
  • Tattoo and massage parlours can reopen with up to 10 clients
The four square metre rule must be applied at all times.

Community sport competitions can restart for those aged 18 years and under from 1 July. 

A decision on a potential return date for adult community sport will be made at a later stage.

Further information on this announcement can be found here. 
More people can attend religious services, weddings and funerals from 1 June but worshippers will be asked to maintain social distancing and changes to communal practices will be required.

Up to 20 people can now attend weddings,50 at funerals and 50 at places of worship, subject to the four square metre rule.

Unfortunately, we have seen many congregations of different faiths and denominations affected by COVID-19 overseas.

The Berejiklian Government knows how important these services are to individuals and families but as we ease restrictions further, we must remember to keep one another safe. 

Further information is available at here. 
Speaking on Gambling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic during my Adjournment speech in Parliament.
Last week, I spoke in Parliament about the unique opportunity we have to tackle problem gambling as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic lock down. 

I join calls by others concerned about harm reduction and community health and wellbeing, as well as those in this place, for the New South Wales Government to ease gently the restrictions on gaming machines—not to rush in—and to take this opportunity to reduce the number of those harmful machines through buybacks and reducing entitlements.

I join calls for the Government to consider appropriate densities based on local government areas, to deploy smart real-time technology and data to assist problem gamblers away from their addiction.

The Government should also be prepared to increase counselling resources as the gaming machines awaken from their forced slumber.

I welcome your feedback on this issue. 
Speaking on the Great Western Highway Upgrade in Parliament.
Last week in Parliament, I used my Private members Statement to talk about why the Great Western Highway is needed for the Blue Mountains community. 

I outlined the case for the Great Western Highway upgrade from Katoomba to Lithgow particularly focusing on the planned stage at Medlow Bath.

Road safety is the prime objective of the highway duplication with the addition of dedicated turning lanes, improved road verges and traffic sight lines.

The specific community consultation on the Medlow Bath upgrades are about to commence and all affected community members should have their say on the preferred design.