Welcome to Adjournment Notes. 

This past week has seen a number of announcements by the Berejiklian government to begin a cautious re-opening of the economy in particular the hospitality, arts and tourism sectors.

For now, we are getting used to a 'new normal' which will continue to include social distancing and keeping 1.5m apart, increased cleaning and hygiene practices, temperature checks and a limited number of people allowed within venues and establishments. 

We are cautiously optimistic that NSW and on a larger scale Australia has controlled and contained the virus, therefore it time to get back to business and reopen the economy. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their sacrifice during what has been a difficult period for many. I believe this pandemic has brought out the best in the Australian spirit, everyone working together with the common goal of keeping their fellow Australians safe and healthy. 

Next week, the NSW Parliament will return to the previous sitting pattern commencing on Tuesday June 2, albeit with limited staff, temperature checks and social distancing in the Chamber and throughout the Parliament. 

It has been interesting (and at times challenging!) working remotely.  However, I am looking forward to returning to a sense of normality with the resumption of Parliament.  

Representing the people of NSW is an honour that I take very seriously and with many people facing hardships the Parliament has an important role to play in getting NSW up and running again. 

As always, if I can ever be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. 



Pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants are allowed to have up to 50 customers, subject to a one person per four square metre rule, and with strict social distancing guidelines from 1 June.

There are around 280,000 people employed in this sector of the economy and allowing venues to safely cater for more customers will provide another boost to business and jobs. 

This decision has been made with expert health advice and both businesses and patrons will be subject to strict rules and guidelines including:

  • All venues must ensure social distancing;
  • All customers must be seated;
  • No bookings of more than 10 allowed; and
  • All venues must develop a COVID Safety Plan consistent with NSW Health guidelines. 
From Monday 25th May, kindergarten to year 12 students will be returning to school full-time.

All activities and operations in NSW public schools are being conducted in line with guidance and advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) guidelines and NSW Health.

Please click here to read further information on the Guide to NSW school students returning to face-to-face learning. 

The NSW Government’s COVIDSafe Transport Plan includes:
  • Avoiding peak travel: If you are not already using public transport in the peak, please do NOT use public transport in the peak. Off peak times are between 10am and 2pm;
  • Deep cleaning and more hand sanitisers
  •  Boosting parking: Special event-style parking arrangements will be in place at Moore Park for people who are able to drive to work. Other locations will be rolled out soon.
  • More cycling and walking options: The Government is working with councils on establishing pop-up cycleways and enhancing pedestrian access to allow more people to find alternative routes to work;
  • Physical distancing - ‘No dot, no spot’: Distinctive green dots will be used on trains, buses and ferries to show passengers the safest places to sit and stand. A ‘No dot, no spot’ will see passengers asked to wait for the next service. School children will be given priority access; 
  •  More data: Customers to be given real time information through Apps, social media and Transport Info to see which services have space available to maintain physical distancing; and
  • More services: Changes will be considered to increase services eg; more ferries, water taxis and private vehicle passenger services on the water.
Blue Mountains
Image Source: Hon. Shayne Mallard MP
NSW residents will be able to take a holiday anywhere in NSW from next month, with intra-state travel restrictions to be lifted from Monday 1 June, 2020.

Lifting the holiday travel restriction will give everyone a much needed break and help get small businesses and the tourism industry moving again.

It has been a particularly hard time for those in regional and rural NSW, with towns already doing it tough due to bushfires and drought. 

I encourage everyone to make plans to safely and responsibly visit their favourite regional holiday destination, or discover a new one. 

As a Blue Mountains resident, I know how special the Blue Mountains is. So why not plan your next intra-state holiday there and give the Blue Mountains tourism industry and small businesses a much needed boost after bushfires and COVID-19. 



Opening the art exhibition Beyond the Light by artist He Zige in June 2019.
Museums, galleries and libraries across NSW will be allowed to reopen from 1 June, under an easing of restrictions announced by the Berejiklian Government.

This is another important step forward in reopening NSW. 

NSW Health will provide guidance to ensure the museums, galleries and libraries operate in a COVID-19 safe way, including:
  • Exclusion of staff and visitors who are unwell;
  • Limiting the number of guests to allow for 4 square metres per person;
  • Providing distance markers for people queuing at service points;
  • Ensuring adequate handwashing facilities and/or sanitiser;
  • Online ticketing systems for museums and galleries;
  • No groups and tours;
  • Enhanced cleaning; and
  • 24 hour quarantine of returns for libraries.


The Berejiklian Government has announced a $50 million Rescue and Restart package for NSW arts and cultural organisations to ensure the sector continues to make an important contribution to the NSW economy during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The arts sector supports 118,000 jobs across NSW and contributes $16.4 billion directly and indirectly to the NSW Gross State Product.

The Rescue and Restart package will be delivered in two stages:

  •  Funding available now to enable NSW not-for-profit arts and cultural organisations to hibernate temporarily.
  • Funding available in the coming months to enable NSW not-for-profit arts and cultural organisations to restart operations after the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information, visit the Create NSW website.