Welcome to Adjournment Notes. 

The latest COVID outbreak in New South Wales has been a quickly evolving situation due to the Delta strain and it being a highly contagious variant. 

As you know, parts of the state are in a lockdown until 9, July 2021. As this has been a fast moving situation with a lot of information to absorb, I thought I would send a brief update with a summary of the restrictions and who the lockdown applies to. This information is listed below along with a link to the Health website for further information. 

While this lockdown will be difficult for families particularly with it being school holidays, it is necessary. Our great state has been through this before and after the lockdown we will again come out the other side stronger.  

I am so proud of the tireless leadership of Premier Gladys Berejiklian who is supported by Minister Hazzard and Dr Kerry Chant along with the dedicated team at NSW Health. 

I am thinking of everyone at this time and I sincerely thank the community for their cooperation with this lockdown.

Finally, please remember: 

✅  Stay at home;
✅  Wear a mask; 
✅  Social distance and
✅  Wash your hands.  
As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.



To protect the people of NSW from the evolving COVID-19 outbreak, current stay-at-home orders will be extended across all of Greater Sydney including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong from 6pm 26 June until 11.59pm Friday, 9 July.
Following updated health advice from the Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant about the growing risk to the community, the stay-at-home orders will apply to all people in the Greater Sydney including Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong.
Everyone in Greater Sydney must stay at home unless it is for an essential reason.
The reasons you may leave your home include:

✅  Shopping for food or other essential goods and services;

✅ Medical care or compassionate needs (people can leave home to have a COVID-19 vaccination unless you have been identified as a close contact);

✅  Exercise outdoors in groups of 10 or fewer;

✅ Essential work, or education, where you cannot work or study from home. 

❎Community sport will not be permitted during this period.

❎ Weddings will not be permitted from 11.59pm, Sunday 27 June.

✅ Funerals will be limited to one person per four square metres with a cap of 100 people, and masks must be worn indoors.
In all other parts of NSW the following restrictions will apply:

✅ People who have been in the Greater Sydney region (including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong) on or after June 21 should follow the stay-at-home orders for a period of 14 days after they left Greater Sydney.

✅ Visitors to households will be limited to 5 guests – including children;

✅ Masks will be compulsory in all indoor non-residential settings, including workplaces, and at organised outdoor events;

❎ Drinking while standing at indoor venues will not be allowed;

❎ Singing by audiences and choirs at indoor venues or by congregants at indoor places of worship will not be allowed;

❎ Dancing will not be allowed at indoor hospitality venues or nightclubs however, dancing is allowed at weddings for the wedding party only (no more than 20 people);

✅ Dance and gym classes limited to 20 per class (masks must be worn);

✅ The one person per four square metre rule will be re-introduced for all indoor and outdoor settings, including weddings and funerals;

✅ Outdoor seated, ticketed events will be limited to 50 per cent seated capacity; 

Premier Berejiklian stated that: 

"We have always indicated we will not hesitate to go further with restrictions to protect the people of NSW.
We understand this is a difficult time for everyone, however we need to take these steps now to get on top of this outbreak.
People across NSW should only enter Greater Sydney for essential purposes"

The NSW Government today announced a major new grants package and changes to the Dine & Discover program to help tens of thousands of small businesses and people across NSW impacted by the current COVID-19 restrictions.

The package includes grants of between $5,000 and $10,000 for small businesses, payroll tax deferrals for all employers, an extension of the Dine & Discover program to 31 August and the ability for people to use Dine & Discover vouchers for takeaway delivered directly to their home by the venue itself.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the centrepiece of the package was the small business support grants which will help businesses by alleviating cashflow constraints while trading is restricted. This can be used for business expenses such as rent, utilities and wages, for which no other government support is available.

Three different grant amounts will be available for small businesses depending on the decline in turnover experienced during the restrictions - $10,000 for a 70 per cent decline, $7,000 for a 50 per cent decline and $5,000 for a 30 per cent decline.

Businesses will be able to apply for the grants through Service NSW from later in July and will need to show a decline in turnover across a minimum two-week period after the commencement of major restrictions on June 26.

The grants will be divided into two streams:

1️⃣ Small Business COVID-19 Support Grant. Available to businesses and sole traders with a turnover of more than $75,000 per annum but below the NSW Government 2020-21 payroll tax threshold of $1,200,000 as at 1 July 2020.

These businesses must have fewer than 20 full time equivalent employees and an Australian Business Number (ABN) registered in New South Wales or be able to demonstrate they are physically located and primarily operating in New South Wales.
(Full criteria will be available in coming days on the Service NSW website).

2️⃣ Hospitality and Tourism COVID-19 Support Grant. Available to tourism or hospitality businesses that have a turnover of more than $75,000 and an annual Australian wages bill of below $10 million, as at 1 July 2020.

These business must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) registered in New South Wales or be able to demonstrate they are physically located and primarily operating in New South Wales. (Full criteria will be available in coming days on the Service NSW website).

Other key elements of the package announced today include:

✅ Dine & Discover vouchers will be able to be used for takeaway from eligible and registered Dine businesses during the restriction period, but food must be delivered direct to the home by the restaurant or café and not picked up. Dine & Discover vouchers cannot be redeemed for takeaway using third party delivery platforms.

✅ A further one-month extension of Dine & Discover vouchers until 31 August 2021 to allow people more time to use them.

✅ More than $11 million for increased support for people at risk of homelessness plus assistance to vulnerable temporary visa holders, asylum seekers and refugees.

✅ An optional deferral of payroll tax payments due in July 2021 and the deferral of hotel June quarter gaming machine tax, with the Chief Commissioner of State Revenue able to provide for appropriate repayment arrangements on a case by case basis.

More information on the small business support grants and changes to the Dine & Discover program will be available shortly on the Service NSW website.
I was honoured to have been recently elected by my Parliamentary colleagues as Government Whip in the New South Wales Legislative Council. 

In the New South Wales Parliament the political parties appoint party whips to ensure party discipline, help manage legislative business and carry out a variety of other functions on behalf of the party leadership.

Additional roles of the government party whips is to ensure that a sufficient number of government members are present in the chamber to ensure passage of government legislation and measures and to prevent censure motions succeeding, and to ensure presence of a parliamentary quorum.

Their roles in the chamber include tally votes during divisions, and arranging  pairs which affects the ability of members to leave parliament during sittings, as well as the entitlement to be absent during divisions.

Whips are essential to the day-to-day running of the house. They assist the party business managers and arrange the order of business on the floor and generally act as intermediaries between the party leaders in the House and backbench Members. 
History has portrayed some sinister Whips including the memorable Francis Urquhart in the 1990’s BBC political classic ‘House of Cards’. Not a Whip one would seek to emulate. But the list below of 11 Liberal Whips in the NSW Legislative Council since 1966 has numerous outstanding office holders.  
Former Liberal Party Whips

Stanley Louis Mowbray ESKELL
31.03.1966 - 02.08.1967

Herbert Paton FITZSIMONS
02.08.1967 - 31.01.1970

24.02.1970 - 18.09.1981

William John SANDWITH
20.10.1981 - 05.03.1984

Virginia Anne CHADWICK
03.04.1984 - 24.03.1988

John Hughes JOBLING
26.04.1988 - 20.09.1990

Beryl Alice EVANS 
09.10.1990 - 02.05.1991

John Hughes JOBLING
02.07.1991 - 28.02.2003

Donald Thomas HARWIN
03.04.2003 - 04.03.2011

03.05.2011- 22.03.2016

​21.04.2016 - 8.06.21
I am proud to have been chosen as Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure and the Aerotropolis. 

One of the key objectives of the Berejiklian Government is its record infrastructure investment right across the state and supporting jobs through targeted stimulus measures.
Combined with the record commitment to infrastructure, other policy measures are targeted at supporting 270,000 people back to work by June 2024 and bringing the unemployment rate down to 5¼ per cent.

The NSW Government has committed to a guaranteed $107 billion infrastructure pipeline over four years to drive employment growth and help create 88,000 direct jobs, which will also indirectly support other jobs in the construction supply chain and the broader economy.
This includes a $3 billion accelerator fund, which is helping to fast-track projects, including smaller, shovel-ready projects touching every corner of the State – injecting up to an extra 20,000 jobs back into the NSW workforce.
As a Western Sydney boy, I am pleased to see a significant amount of this infrastructure investment in Western Sydney. 

One of the biggest projects being undertaken in Western Sydney is the development of the Western Parkland City.

The Western Sydney Airport is the catalyst for much of Western Sydney’s future urbanisation. The Aerotropolis will be the beating heart of the Western Parkland City, connecting to Greater Parramatta and the Harbour CBD to realise the vision for Greater Sydney as a metropolis of three cities.

The NSW and Commonwealth Governments are jointly investing over $24 billion to support growth of this new economic powerhouse for Greater Sydney.

The Aerotropolis will create an innovation precinct and a home for technology, science and creative industries, ensuring the Western Parkland City has:
  • World class jobs that will sustain prosperity within the region, creating more than 100,000 new job opportunities across the Aerotropolis Core, Badgerys Creek, Northern Gateway and Agribusiness Precincts by 2056 - the biggest jobs boom in NSW’s history; 
  • Excellent access and connectivity, provided through public infrastructure;
  • Excellent liveability, where a 'beyond business as usual' approach will focus on creating a cooler and greener city. 

    The Aerotropolis will make the most of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan, a NSW and Federal Government investment program to upgrade rail and roads including:
  • Bringelly Road upgrade
  • Elizabeth Drive
  • M12 Motorway linking the M7 Motorway to the Western Sydney International (Nancy Bird Walton) Airport
  • The Northern Road upgrade
  • Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport 
  • By combining jobs, connectivity and liveability, the Aerotropolis ensures the Western Parkland City can be resilient and adaptable into the future. 

    The role of Parliamentary Secretary is exciting and I look forward to working closely with Minister Ayres and Minister Rob Stokes as we deliver the greatest infrastructure and long term jobs growth in our state's history.