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As we enter the final three sitting weeks of Parliament - extended to make up for days vacated owing to the covid pandemic - we are looking upon a relative return to normality.

A very welcome return to family, friends and community. No doubt, we will all treat with more appreciation the freedoms we had all taken for granted.

As Parliament sits long extended hours, we are dealing with important legislation, including a holistic approach to the environmental scourge of plastic waste.

We also paused on Remembrance Day to honour former and current servicemen and women.

In moving the motion to commemorate the day, I drew from our ANZAC spirit the resilience and mateship we have shown during the challenges of the covid pandemic. Details are below.
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Moving the Remembrance Day motion in the Legislative Council.
On Thursday, 11 November, around the country, we commemorated Remembrance Day. On this day, we remember those who made the supreme sacrifice.

For Members of Parliament, Remembrance Day is one of the most solemn days in our parliamentary calendar. We pause parliamentary business to pay respect and tribute to those brave men and women who served our nation in conflicts to defend our values of democracy, freedom and individual rights.

I am honoured to have had the privilege to move the Remembrance Day motion in the Legislative Council.

You can view my speech above.
The announcement that a judicial inquiry will be conducted into historical gay and transgender hate crimes in NSW is a significant step towards closure for the families, friends and loved ones of the victims of these terrible crimes.

As the Chair of the NSW Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues, I led the parliamentary inquiry into this terrible failure of justice. Earlier this year the Committee tabled its second report. The first recommendation made in the report was that a judicial inquiry ought to be established to investigate these crimes. You can read the report on the NSW Parliament website here.
Explaining why this recommendation was so important, I wrote in that report:
"For the committee, these findings go hand in hand with a call to action. To this end, the key recommendation of this inquiry is that the NSW Government establish a judicial inquiry or other form of expert review to inquire into unsolved cases of suspected gay and transgender hate crime deaths. For too long these deaths have remained unresolved and unanswered for, leaving a hole in the lives of victims' families and loved ones. The committee believes that now is the time to act before the receding window of opportunity to obtain evidence relating to these decades old crimes closes."

I recently gave an interview on the judicial inquiry with Laura Jayes on Sky News program, AM Agenda. You can watch the interview above. 

You can also listen to my interview with Patricia Karvelas on ABC Radio National below.
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Progress on the Western Sydney (Nancy-Bird Walton) International Airport continues at an exciting pace. Over 20 million cubic metres of earthmoving has been completed on the site already.

Construction of the airport is estimated to generate $1.9 billion worth of value for the Western Sydney economy. Already over $100 million of business related to the Nancy-Bird Walton Airport construction has been contracted to Western Sydney businesses.

The airport construction has also well exceeded its targets for local employment, training provision and indigenous employment. 20% of the workforce were targeted to be learning on the job (for instance, through apprenticeships); so far, this figure is 31%. Indigenous and local employment were targeted to make up 10% and 30% of the jobs on the site, respectively – currently, 36% of workers are indigenous, and 50% are Western Sydney locals.

As the Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure and the Aerotropolis, part of my responsibilities is to strengthen the integration of the Airport project and surrounding Aerotropolis.

Check out the video above to find out more about how the project is progressing.
Moving a motion to recognise the work of the Movember Foundation.
On Wednesday, I moved a motion in the Legislative Council to recognise the important work of the Movember Foundation. As I noted in my speech introducing the motion, the Movember Foundation’s light-hearted approach to men’s health makes difficult conversations seem more manageable. Whether it’s opening up about mental health challenges or admitting something might be wrong, Movember is about destigmatising men seeking help.

Last year the participating “Mo Bros and Mo Sisters” raised over $35 million, with 91.8% of funds raised going directly to men’s health projects. The money raised was put towards research, care and support projects for men’s health issues.

I encourage readers to support Movember by sponsoring a friend at

You can view my speech on Movember above.
Recently the Western Sydney (Nancy-Bird Walton) International Airport partnered with CSIRO’s STEM Community Partnerships Program. The program will allow students at Western Sydney high schools to meet engineers at the airport and learn about the opportunities available in STEM.

This program is a beneficiary of the NSW Government’s $25 million endowment to the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) to establish the Generation STEM initiative. The initiative aims to encourage and prepare school-aged children for the careers of tomorrow in STEM.

Future jobs in STEM-related industries will play an essential role in developing the Nancy-Bird Walton Airport and throughout the Aerotropolis.

Find out more about the Generation STEM program in the video above.
Speaking on social hosuing and the Waterloo South Redevelopment.
The Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, the Hon Rob Stokes MP, recently approved the revised plans for the Waterloo South redevelopment. This is a significant step forward in developing this project which will next go to community consultation to invite submissions and questions related to the proposal.

The Waterloo South Redevelopment is something I have a particular interest in following my 12 years before Parliament as a councillor on the South Sydney and City of Sydney Councils. During that time, I worked with the State Governments – both Labor and Liberal – to develop policy solutions in Waterloo, among other areas of Sydney, which could help achieve the critical goals of social housing.

The proposed redevelopment will engage the private and not-for-profit sectors in developing an integrated housing precinct with public, affordable and private housing supported by social and transport infrastructure.

You can view my speech on the Waterloo South Redevelopment above.
Thank you to everyone who has received their vaccination or has a vaccination booked in.

Thanks to your efforts, NSW can move forward out of lockdown and get back to a level of pre-COVID normalcy.

Due to the faster than predicted uptake of vaccinations, we have already been able to ease out of lockdowns in earlier than expected stages.

The next easing will come with 95% double vaccination or 15 December (whichever is sooner) and will involve:
  • Easing of indoor mask restrictions (only required on public transport, planes, airports and front-of-house indoor hospitality staff)
  • Masks are no longer required in outdoor settings
  • Removal of limits on people in gyms and other indoor sporting and recreation venues
  • Non-critical retail venues reopen to everyone
  • Music festivals reopen (with 20,000 person limit and density rules)
  • Amusement centres reopen to everyone
  • Weddings and funerals reopen to everyone
  • Singing and dancing are permitted indoors for everyone

To learn more about the pathway out of lockdown read the Reopening NSW Roadmap here:
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