The Public Works Committee inquiry into Coal Ash repositories recently conducted a site visit Lake Macquarie. 

The terms of reference are as follows: 

1. That the Public Works Committee inquire into and report on the costs for remediation of coal
ash repositories in New South Wales, and in particular:
(a) prospective or current quantum of government liability for remediating contamination at
sites associated with:
(i) Mount Piper power station,
(ii) Bayswater power station,
(iii) Liddell power station,
(iv) Vales Point power station,
(v) Eraring power station, and
(vi) any other relevant power station.
(b) prospective timing of government expenditure in relation to remediation at those sites,
(c) economic and employment opportunities associated with coal ash re-use, site remediation
and repurposing of land,
(d) adequacy and effectiveness of the current regulatory regime for ensuring best practice
remediation of coal ash repositories,
(e) mitigation of actual or perceived conflict of interest arising from the state having ongoing
liability for remediation costs the quantum of which will be impacted by government
policy and regulatory action,
(f) risks and liabilities associated with inadequate remediation including community and
environmental health impacts, and
(g) any other related matters.

2. That the committee report by Wednesday 31 March 2021

For more information on this inquiry please visit the Committees website.