I recently wrote to Premier Berejiklian and Health Minister Brad Hazzard encouraging the formation of a COVID citizens volunteer corps. 

A volunteer corps would support the stretched front line workers from emergency services through to health and boost morale.

I believe many fully vaccinated people that locked down at home with the appropriate background and training are willing to step forward to help fight COVID-19 on the front lines.

In the letter, I offered my assistance in establishing a COVID volunteer corps that would drive action and awareness in hotspot areas.

Working from home and fully vaccinated whilst my fellow citizens are in great distress and growing need is totally unacceptable for me. 

Volunteers could conduct a similar digital march with an online campaign to encourage vaccination.

Fully vaccinated volunteers could receive training in COVID-safe practices and deploy in hotspot areas like South West Sydney to encourage awareness and action around COVID-19.

Such a volunteer Corps and “Cooee” campaign will not only raise awareness but be a morale boost for our existing and no doubt exhausted front line health and emergency services workers. 

To read my letter, please click here.