The first public hearing on the inquiry into Gay and Transgender hate crimes between 1970 and 2010 will be held on Friday 9 November.

The Hon. Shayne Mallard MLC, Chair of the Social Issues Committee conducting the inquiry, said: 'Tomorrow marks the first day of a historic inquiry that builds on reports by ACON, In Pursuit of Truth and Justice, and by the NSW Police Force on Strike Force Parrabell.'

Mr Mallard continued: 'The committee will conduct a thorough inquiry to identify whether there were institutional and social impediments faced by the LGBTIQ community from the 1970s to contemporary times. We are also interested in changes in policy and practice to ensure that the LGBTIQ community is not denied justice as victims of violence in NSW.'

‘This inquiry has been a long time in coming for many in the community and will the first parliamentary examination of a dark chapter in the recent history of Sydney. There are over 80 murders identified as hate crimes with over 30 remaining unsolved, ‘ Mr Mallard added.

Representatives of ACON and the NSW Police Force will give evidence, as well as the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby and Dowson Turco Lawyers. Mr Alex Greenwich MP, Member for Sydney will also give evidence, along with Mr Larry Galbraith, as will Mr Duncan McNab.

For further information about the inquiry, including the hearing schedule, please visit the website. The hearing will be live broadcast from the website.