I recently used a speech in parliament to highlight the budget benefits for Western Sydney and the state seat of Londonderry. 

I also called on Labor’s Prue Car to focus on her electorate of Londonderry and stop playing party politics in the Federal seat of Lindsay.

The 2018 NSW Budget puts in motion our Government’s plan for Western Sydney.  I particularly welcome the announcements benefitting the seat of Londonderry in the heart of Western Sydney.

The NSW Budget allocates a record $2 billion to rail and road infrastructure in the Western Sydney region including the seat of Londonderry. This includes an allocation of $130 million to continue the construction of the M4 smart motorway with improved access from St Marys serving the community of Londonderry.

Rail investments for the region include $648 million for infrastructure and the purchase of a new rail fleet to service Western Sydney.

At the local level the budget sets aside over $2 million for roadworks on Mamre Road St Marys and the Northern Road Llandilo. The budget also includes over $5 million in grants to local councils for road and lighting upgrades.

Regionally Nepean hospital is the biggest winner with over $1 billion has been announced with $576 million for stage 1 of the Nepean hospital upgrade and $450 million for stage 2. Nepean Hospital Car Park will also be upgraded at an estimated total cost of $26.0 million.

This is in stark contrast to Labor’s plan for Nepean hospital. Labor only plans to invest $360 million in the Nepean Hospital. Labor has failed to match the Berejiklian Liberal government investment at Nepean hospital.

I also informed the Parliament of the neglect of the electorate by Labor’s Prue Car.

The Member for Londonderry posted an image of the budget papers on her Facebook page telling the public that Jordan Springs public school would receive nothing in the budget. This is not true. This is fake news. Anyone who can read the budget papers can see it’s on the program!

The Liberal government will go to market for contractors to bid for work on Jordan Springs. To allow for competitive bidding the government doesn’t list how much we have budgeted for each project. But the Budget still lists the project.

Perhaps the Member for Londonderry has been distracted from working for her constituents. She clearly has blood on her hands in the appalling public political assassination of the Labor Member for Lindsay. 

Quoting from the Sydney Morning Herald and over the loud objections of Labor, Mr Mallard outlined the allegations that Prue Car had undermined her Labor colleague in the seat of Lindsay.

Clearly the Member for Londonderry has been too busy white anting and not supporting her Labor colleague as she prepares to jump ship and run for the seat of Lindsay, and abandon the people of Londonderry. 

The people of Londonderry deserve a member of parliament focused on their needs and working full time for them and not playing party political games and positioning for a jump to Canberra.

To view my adjournment speech please click here. 

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