Mallard sets the record straight on trains


Member of the Legislative Council and Blue Mountains resident Shayne Mallard MLC has delivered a stinging rebuke of claims by Labor’s Trish Doyle MP that new interurban trains are unsafe and track upgrades are unnecessary.

Speaking to the Legislative Council on Thursday the 6th of April Mr Mallard said “I am addressing Parliament today to set the record straight on this issue for the alarmed residents and businesses of the Blue Mountains”.

Mr Mallard highlighted Labors neglect of Blue Mountains residents and their history of not delivering infrastructure projects in the region. 

"In contrast to Labor’s record of doing nothing, the Berejiklian Liberal government is delivering historic levels of infrastructure in NSW, without debt and without the support of the Labor opposition who continue to vote against every transport project". 

Mr Mallard outlined the Berejiklian government’s commitment to deliver world class transport infrastructure projects to the residents of the Blue Mountains. 

“Part of that investment is the $2.3 Billion contract for a state of the art intercity rail fleet to service all interurban routes. In addition to delivering this we are committed to investing tens of millions to upgrade the Blue Mountains line to take modern new trains.  Something Labor failed to do”. 

Mr Mallard also set the record straight on the safety scaremongering stating “I can think of nothing more irresponsible than for rail union bosses to install fears in the minds of commuters for political purposes. The safety of our rail customers is our number one priority”.

“In the coming years the long suffering people of the Blue Mountains will experience the new state of art trains delivered by the Berejiklian Liberal government. This government will future proof and frankly Labor proof the Blue Mountains lines so that in years to come the residents, tourists and businesses of the mountains will always enjoy first class rail travel in comfort and safety”. 

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