A new consumer guide will help NSW households decide if solar battery systems are right for them.

Minister for Energy and Utilities Don Harwin said the NSW Home Solar Battery Guide gives consumers facts and information to help them make decisions about using battery storage.

“NSW has over 350,000 households with rooftop solar. Many consumers are now looking to batteries,” Mr Harwin said.

“Households could become more energy self-sufficient and potentially save money.

“While batteries can help consumers take control of their energy use, making sure the products are right for them is also important.

“It can be complicated, and this guide will help cut through the jargon.

“The time it takes to pay back household solar plus battery installations could drop from around 10 years to around six years by 2025, so consumer interest should grow.”

Mr Harwin said the guide focuses on households that have installed or are looking to install solar PV as part of their home energy systems.

“There are fact sheets and practical examples that illustrate the decisions a buyer might wish to make,” Mr Harwin said.

“It includes general and practical information on household energy consumption, how a home power station works, and how to assess battery options for purchase.

“The guide will help consumers decide whether battery storage could save them money and how they might be able to choose the right battery system.”

The NSW Home Solar Battery Guide is available online.