Great to see that Minister for Lands and Water, Niall Blair has announced the appointment of Rodney Gilmour as administrator, to manage the ongoing public use of Wentworth Park Sporting Complex. 

Keeping Wentworth Park in public use is a priority for the Baird Liberal Government, especially as our city moves towards higher density. 

Mr Gilmour has been appointed as administrator of the Wentworth Park Sporting Complex Trust for up to two years, replacing Jason Masters, whose term as interim administrator of the Trust concluded 26 August 2016.  

“Mr Gilmour will be responsible for overseeing the operations of the Wentworth Park site, including ongoing public use for community purposes, in the lead-up to and following the cessation of greyhound racing on 1 July 2017,” Mr Blair said. 

“The NSW Government’s commitment regarding the Wentworth Park site is clear – existing greyhound tracks on Crown land will be repurposed as open public space, alternative sporting facilities or for other community uses.”

The five-year term of the previous community board of the Wentworth Park Sporting Complex Trust expired on 26 May 2016, necessitating the appointment of an administrator to manage the affairs of the Trust.   

Photo Credit: The Daily Telegraph