Around this time last year I gave notice of a Private Member’s Motion in support of the 2015 Sydney Architecture Festival. It was a good opportunity for all sides of politics to get involved in a considered debate about the role of architecture and design in our state more generally and it sparked interesting discussion about how we might want our city to look in the future.

For this reason it was great to see the Minister for Planning, the Hon. Rob Stokes MP, announcing on Friday September 30th, that NSW would get its first Architecture and Design Policy. The strategic document is currently in draft form and is open to discussion. So, if like me you are interested in what shape our city takes in the future, I highly recommend you check out the draft. It’s very accessible at

It's aimed primarily at architects and the planning and development community, and will set out the principles and directions essential to creating great places.

Fittingly, Australian and International experts who attended the 2016 Sydney Architecture Festival last weekend were involved in a peer review workshop to gain input and feedback on the draft policy.