The NSW Government is inviting the community to have its say on a new wind energy planning framework, designed to provide greater certainty and consistency for renewable energy development.

The framework that will ensure NSW has the right settings to attract investment while balancing the needs of the community.

This new policy framework has been developed in response to concerns from community and industry about uncertainty in the application of the draft 2011 wind farm guidelines and long delays in assessing projects.

As a fervent supporter of renewables I welcome the release of the new framework and encourage the community to engage in the consultation process.

This is an important issue for all local communities and the NSW Government wants to hear your views. We need to get the balance right with this framework, and your input and insights will help in this process.

The new framework is focused on driving better design outcomes and will encourage proponents to engage early with the community to address key impacts. This will ensure a robust assessment of key issues like impacts on views and noise.

It will address delays in the assessment process that in one case required more than 2500 days for a project to be determined. The average determination times for wind projects in the past five years has been more than 1000 days.

From Wednesday 3 August 2016 the proposed new framework can be viewed at:

Submissions can be made either online or by post: