I welcome the purchase of the Radiata Plateau by the Berejiklian government. It is only a liberal Government that could deliver this great outcome for the community. 

The campaign to save Radiata Plateau from overdevelopment has been ongoing for thirty years and I congratulate all those involved in the fight. 

The Berejiklian Liberal Government has delivered for our community and the environment. I would also like to particularly congratulate Minister Kean on his strong advocacy and lobbying to purchase the Radiata Plateau to incorporate it into the state's national park reserve system, ensuring its protection for future generations.

It should be noted that Labor had 16 years in government to act and secure this environmentally unique site. Labor’s Environment Minister was even the local member in that time. They should have taken action then rather than yelling from the side lines.

The fact is that only by managing the state budget and economy with no debt and a surplus can the NSW Liberals deliver investments for the Blue Mountains region like Radiata Plateau.

There has been a significant community campaign to save Radiata Plateau over the last thirty years. I would like to particuarly acknowledge the leadership of the Blue Mountains Conservation Society and also the advocacy of local Liberals Councillor Kevin Schreiber and candidates Owen Laffin and Cr Sarah Richards.

Securing Radiata Plateau safe from developers for the future generations has been a long cherished goal of the community and I’m proud to be a part of that great win for the environment and our community.

Image Source: Sydney Morning Herald.