Reforming And Renewing Strata Schemes in NSW


Debate has begun in the NSW Parliament's Upper House on the need to reform and renew the swathes of Strata Schemes that exist in New South Wales. I spoke on the bill prepared by the Minister responsible for Fair Trading the Hon. Victor Dominello MP. The bill enables Strata owners to make collaborative decisions about their homes whether it be a proposal for collective sale, or addressing nuisances such as smoke drift.

The reforms are designed to unlock the potential of our State. Sydney is increasingly a city of medium- and high-density living. It has been the path of urban development largely since World War II, with the notable exceptions of Potts Point, Kings Cross and Elizabeth Bay where higher density urban living and apartments emerged after World War I. The reforms will bring high density living into the 21st Century. You can view the speech here.

You can also read the speech on Parliament's official Hansard here: