Today is the official opening of the NSW State Archives and Sydney Living Museums official opening of 'The Queens Album' exhibition at Parliament of NSW. 

The Queen’s Album explores the unique story of an album of photographs gifted to Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle in 1882 on behalf of the people of NSW. The album contained 64 photographic images of sites and scenes in Sydney and regional NSW that were constructed to promote NSW as a progressive and desirable place, and to consolidate its position within the British Empire.

At the time, the album was described as a ‘graceful tribute of loyalty’ to Queen Victoria. Today, its whereabouts is unknown.

The Queen’s Album reimagines a moment in history from nearly 140 years ago in this beautiful exhibition produced to mark 200 years since the birth of Queen Victoria.

It is a free exhibition on display at Parliament of NSW from 5-27 May 2021.