Unification Turns 65


‘Unification’ is one of the oldest multicultural media outlets in Australia, having covered matters of interest to the Russian community since December 1950, throughout successive waves of Russian migration to Australia.

From the first settlers who made their home here in the 1880s, to those who came after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, members of the Russian community have contributed significantly to our lives here in Australia and from December 1950, Unification has been there to chronicle their stories and challenges.

Throughout their journeys, Unification has been there to promote social harmony among the disparate groups of Russian-speaking migrants. At this time of international unrest, the case of Unification and its role in the Russian-speaking migrant community shows importance of authentic voices and stories in bring together new and old migrant groups.

Under New South Wales law, every resident has the right to profess their language, faith and culture.

Although we have a relatively small population of about 17,000 Russian speakers in New South Wales, Russian culture and traditions have been spread across the globe through the medium of newspapers, film, literature and art.

Under the able leadership of editor-in-chief Mr Vladimir Kouzmin and his wife Mrs Olga Kouzmin as publisher, Unification has flourished and persevered.

So it was a privilege and a pleasure to be at the Russian Club on Saturday the 21st of November, on behalf of the NSW Government, to congratulate both Vladimir and Olga on their sterling achievements, and for continuing the legacy of Russian-language media in Australia.

I am proud that our state is one of the most successful multicultural societies in the world. Our society is one in which a publication like Unification can make a real contribution to both the mainstream media landscape as well as the Russian-speaking community.

Shayne attended the 65th anniversary of Unification, a Russian-language newspaper on the 21st of November, 2015, representing the Minister for Multiculturalism the Hon. John Ajaka MLC.