Vision Australia are probably best known for their seeing eye dog program, but they are so much more than that. It was great to meet Molly and her friends at NSW Parliament raising awareness for the important work of Vision Australia. 

✅ Vision Australia provides support to over 2,000 children nationally;

✅ In the last 12 months Vision Australia has spent more than 33,000 hours supporting families to meet their goals;

✅ They have an online social community for young people called 'zest' where they can share experiences and ask questions about topics like travel, work, study, hobbies and socialising;

✅ In the last 12 months Vision Australia delivered over 23,000 hours of access technology training;

✅ They have over 90 community groups which meet regularly to connect, share and socialise.

Vision Australia has 28 metro and regional centres around Australia. Call them or visit their website to find one that is closest to you.

Phone 📱 1300 84 74 66